Warming Harissa Fish “Amok”

I struggle with fish recipes in the winter time. Summertime it’s the only thing I crave and want, but as soon as the darkness sets in I find it hard to bring in fish into my weekly repertoire as I crave warm and comforting meals. The occasional sushi may sneak in, but after that I’m lost. Continue reading “Warming Harissa Fish “Amok””

Fall flavoured overnight oats and easy caramel date sauce

Breakfast is the greatest meal of the day to me. I really am one of those people who can go to bed and count down the hours until I get to wake up and prepare my morning meal. I’m that obsessed.

Part of my love for breakfast is the ritual off it. Planning out what to prepare while finishing off the last reps of my morning workout (yes I’m obsessed), preparing and cooking it, and then being able to sit down and enjoy it properly, without having to hurriedly shovel whatever is that morning’s fuel of choice is so important for me and my sanity. Stressing through the morning is, excuse the pun, not my cup of tea so I always ensure I have about two hours from that I wake up until I have to leave, so there’s enough time to start the morning smoothly. (How I somehow end up running late despite that is a mystery to me.) Continue reading “Fall flavoured overnight oats and easy caramel date sauce”

Raw Chocolate Fig Cake

When Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake!” I’m pretty sure it was this cake she had in mind.

If you’ve ever visited Wild Food Cafe in Neal’s Yard, you will most likely have tried their incredible chocolate cake and wondered how on earth they make it so darn tasty yet nutritious?

Well you’re in luck my friend as this cake is built upon the Wild Food Cafe recipe and dare I say it’s even better? Continue reading “Raw Chocolate Fig Cake”

Divine Black Bean “Nutella” Brownies

Ponder the simple brownie.

So good warm with a bit of ice cream, especially if said brownie hits that sweet and gooey sweet spot…. Delicious!

Also nightmarishly hard to achieve when it’s free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar.

Until now.

Continue reading “Divine Black Bean “Nutella” Brownies”

How to Eat: Finding Your Primal Pattern

Paleo, HCLF, HFLC, raw.

Eat meat. Don’t eat meat, go vegetarian. That’s not good enough, go vegan.

There are just so many diet principles out there on how we should eat that it’s a wonder we manage to eat anything at all. Even the most health conscious of us is bound to be confused by all of the ideas we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. Continue reading “How to Eat: Finding Your Primal Pattern”

Socially Mindful: Disconnecting in a Connected World

When were you last fully immersed in the task at hand? When did you last eat, fully engaged in tasting the flavours and feeling the textures of your food? When was the last time you had a conversation with someone that held your attention fully and completely?

If you can answer all of these questions without hesitation then, unfortunate as it is, you’re most likely in the minority. Continue reading “Socially Mindful: Disconnecting in a Connected World”

Citrusy seafood and butternut squash summer jumble: Eating on a Rotation Diet

I have no idea what to call this recipe. All I know is that it was good. Very good!

For the past weeks I’ve been eating according to a rotation diet, meaning that I do not eat the same thing for four days. Every day is something new. Why eat like this? Well first of all it’s a great way to make sure that your diet is varied and that you get as many vitamins, minerals and other natural goodies from your food as possible. It is also a great way to figure out if you’re intolerant to a certain food group, as it takes your body 72 hours to digest and assimilate whatever it has eaten. This makes it easy to pinpoint what it was that made you feel unwell as you can trace it back to a certain day and then go from there. Continue reading “Citrusy seafood and butternut squash summer jumble: Eating on a Rotation Diet”